Meet Suzanne

Suzanne recently closed a deal at $18.5 million in Bel-Air and we thought this was a good opportunity to ask her some questions about her business and her start in real estate.  Tell us about your real estate beginnings.  “I got my start in real estate when I was living in London. There’s a huge ex-pat community and, even though English is the common language, the style of doing business is very different. I found a niche working as a bridge between the Americans and the British. I think this is one reason so many of my clients are foreign. After London, I moved to New York where I got a taste for the high-end market and was able to work with developers.”  How did you come to be at Teles, a Douglas Elliman Company?  “I came here because of the boutique atmosphere and the reputation of the company. The exceptional marketing and support staff allow me to concentrate on my clients.”  Talk about your recent sale that closed at $18.5 million.  “My recent transaction at 124 Udine presented me with a lot of challenges (which I like because it keeps things interesting). Representing a foreign buyer with out-of-state counsel reminded me of working in London. At any price range, an agent’s biggest challenge is being clear with communication and, in some cases, isolating the things that can derail a deal. There were a lot of moving pieces and I utilized everything I learned in London and New York and combined them with the nuances of California real estate.”  Do you have a specific client focus?  “If I had to choose a focus of my business, it would be high-net-worth individuals. There is something exciting about working at a high level with clients that expect the best, and then delivering on those expectations. I also value the need for discretion. So many of my clients come from referrals of past clients, which tells me I’m delivering the services that my clients want.”  What about neighborhoods? Do you have an area of focus?  “I don’t focus on any area in particular, but the bulk of my clients are looking to buy or sell in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. I basically follow my clients where they want to go, which is why I also find myself helping clients with estate properties in Malibu, Calabasas and Westlake Village.”

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