Meet Suzanne

Teles Brentwood agent Suzanne Dranow recently closed a deal at $18.5 million in Bel-Air and we thought this was a good opportunity to ask her some questions about her business and her start in real estate.  Tell us about your real estate beginnings.  “I got my start in real estate when I was living in London. There’s a huge ex- [Read more…]

City of Dreams

Suzanne DranowLos Angeles is the city of dreams, which makes me wonder what some people are smoking before going to bed. 
Case in point, Bruce Makowsky’s $250,000,000 listing in Bel Air. 
In case your eyes are getting lost amongst all those zeros, that number is two hundred fifty million dollars… If the absurdity of it all hasn’t kicked in, that equals one quarter of a billion dollars. For a house.

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How About a Little Respect in 2017?

Hollywood real estate Suzanne DranowCatching up on articles and news stories I’ve been hoping to finally read, two jumped out at me — one of them was a film review of “Pocket Listing,” the other was a news story that South Carolina is now going to require background checks for real estate licensees because one of their licensed brokers turned out to be a serial killing sociopath.

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We’ll Always Have “Carmaggedon”*

Traffic Suzanne Dranow Real EstateLive in Los Angeles long enough and you realize that the only other certain besides traffic is roadwork. Often the roadwork is somewhat mysterious, such as when you are greeted by cones and a flashing arrow reducing your four lanes down to one. And as you pass the construction area you see… well, a lot of times you see nothing but empty lanes with no work being done to them.

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What’s a Mega-Mansion Developer to do?

Between ballot propositions, zoning reform and neighbors who are tired of truckload after truckload of dirt being driven past their houses (and messing with the roads), what’s the builder of a mega-mansion to do? Looks like the city of LA has some ideas.

Planning Commission goes after hotel-like homes in Bel Air-Beverly Crest

“Happy Holidays… And I Have To Take This Call”

Malibu Real Estate Suzanne DranowChristmas is two days away and I’m busy… wrapping, baking, drinking eggnog, and showing properties.
Which one of these things doesn’t belong here? Actually, they all belong and this has been my experience for the past few years… and this season is busier than most.

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2016 Was Weird For So Many Reasons

suzanne dranow real estateFlight 2016 is beginning its final descent and as the flight attendants ready the cabin and do their “cross check” I figured it was a good time not inly to stow my bag under the seat in front of me, but to review this trip.

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