March Market Report

Every month Douglas Elliman releases a “Micro-Market Report” that analyzes each area and sub-market in Southern California. Click here to read the report, and let’s talk about what’s going on in your area.Market Report

But at What Price?

suzanne dranow real estateReal estate agents spend a lot of time thinking about pricing properties. In any office, “Do you have a second?” is usually followed up with a pricing opinion question. Agents discuss, debate and defend the merits of pricing based on their favorite methods, be it average sold price per square foot, sales price to list price ratio, or days on market compared to…  [Read more…]

Keeping Beverly Hills Free

There’s a spot on Olympic Boulevard where Beverly Drive and Beverwil cross. In the median is a statue that stands as a testament to a “civil war“ fought in Los Angeles county. Some considered it a war of independence, others chided it as a mere power play about land, water, and police rights.  Here is an interesting story about the Beverly Hills resistance to being subsumed by the city of Los Angeles.

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Douglas Elliman Luxury Market Report for January 2018

Douglas Elliman has just released its comprehensive Luxury Market Report for 2018, which truly shows that each sub-market throughout the state and even within Los Angeles has its own particular trajectory. You can view the report here.Market Report

A Real Estate Reality Check

Suzanne Dranow Real EstateI recently spent a weekend in Evanston, Illinois, the suburb just north of Chicago, and I fell in love. With a house. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is 1,800 square feet. I find myself dreaming about it throughout the day.
In LA, I spend a lot of time with clients looking at huge homes on the ocean or golf course, quadruple restaurant grade ovens, the two refrigerators and a third walk-in for frozen food, the expansive wine “closet” that could benefit from a golf cart (or at least a Segway).  I look at more modest houses, as well.  I’ve become enthralled with their charms and features (give me an O’Keefe and Merritt stove in a prairie-style Craftsman and I’m baking and making tea just to enjoy using the thing).

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A Rose by Any Other Name…

Suzanne Dranow Real Estate
Coach, the holding company that owns Coach leather and several other brands, is changing its name to Tapestry to better represent that they are a multi-faceted fashion house “… not limited to any category, channel or geography,” which was, of course, my exact thought when I heard the new name.
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Can High End Development Help With Housing Affordability?

Suzanne DranowI was persuaded to attend a roundtable on the effects of luxury housing on all strata of real estate. I’ll admit I went kicking and screaming, but I’m glad I went.
I was invited (dragged?) by Spencer Krull*, who can put me to sleep when he starts going on about surveys of infill mixed-use urban development trends, but he knows his stuff and he had an extra ticket and promised me a good sushi lunch.

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Real Estate: A Contact Sport

Suzanne DranowArriving in New York on a late flight, the first stop is always Rue 57 for the steak frites, and more importantly, the company.
Real estate is a contact sport and as I find myself doing more and more business in New York it’s important that I stay in contact with my circle. In Los Angeles, they say the entertainment business is mostly about “who you know,” and this is even more true when it comes to Manhattan real estate. Unlike LA, NY doesn’t have a multiple listing service and though the majority of listings show up on one real estate site or another, the truly spectacular listings (even just the “pretty good” listings) are often kept behind an invisible velvet rope — and access is reserved for those who can get on the guest list.

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