A Closer Look At The Best Beaches In Malibu

A Closer Look At The Best Beaches In MalibuMalibu is one of the most traveled to destinations in the state of California, and with good reason – it offers the perfect mix of great weather, stunning beauty, pristine coastline, and nearby attractions and dining. Here at Suzanne Dranow we think that the beaches alone are worth visiting Malibu for, and there are numerous options to choose from when you decide that the time is right to hit the sand.

Of course, you don’t just have to visit a beach. Many of Malibu’s best beaches also have luxury properties available along them. This makes it even easier to relax and enjoy every day. Whether you buy a home on the coast or purchase one nearby that allows for easy access to the water, here’s a look at a few of Malibu’s best beaches.

  • Zuma Beach – One of the cleanest beaches in the state and also the largest in Los Angeles County, Zuma beach offers a family-friendly option since alcohol and pets aren’t allowed. The beach was frequently featured in Baywatch, and it features great waves for surfers as well as stunning views.
  • Carbon Beach – Carbon Beach is also called “Billionaires Beach” due to the high concentration of billionaires living along its expanse. It’s about a mile and half long, and combines great views, beautiful water, and some of the most luxurious beachfront homes in the state.
  • Point Dume – Point Dume is a more unique option in that half of the 63 acres that it encompasses is a State Natural Preserve while other sections feature stunning luxury homes. It’s a common location for migrating whales to be spotted and offers swimming, surfing, and even rock climbing as well as the same kind of vistas the rest of the beaches here are famous for.
  • Surfrider Beach – The name should tell you all you need to know about this beach – it’s the one to go to if you love surfing or just watching surfers. It was named the very first World Surfing Reserve in 2010, and offers restaurants, snack stands, and good swimming along with some of the best surfing in the state.

Each of these four beaches is well worth a visit, and once you find the one you love there are plenty of properties available for sale that can help put you on the coast permanently.

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