For California Perfection, Brentwood Has It All

For California Perfection, Brentwood Has It All California has plenty of amazing areas to live in, but for many it’s a smart move to settle into one of the luxury communities in the state. Brentwood is one perfect example, and it really does have everything you would expect from a luxury community. Here at Suzanne Dranow, we think taking a closer look at this community – and a recent sale in it – can highlight just what helps it stand out so much.
The community is the site of a total of 7 private schools as well as 2 public ones, and unlike some other neighborhoods it’s filled with plenty to do – it’s more than just homes. The Barrington Recreation Center has baseball diamonds, basketball courts, play areas, community rooms, tennis courts, and a 1.5 acre dog park for four-legged residents.

Those who live in the community don’t have to leave if they don’t want to, and is filled with more than a dozen great restaurants, coffee shops, and other establishments line the streets nearby including several notable high-end dining options.

It’s the homes here that really stand out, of course, and Brentwood properties are stunning examples of what a California luxury home should be. For instance, consider the home that film producer Gianni Nunnari just sold for $3.85 million.

With 3,414 square feet of living space under the roof, the home features:

  • Raised ceilings
  • Hardwood floors
  • Balcony
  • Library
  • Four beds, four baths
  • Formal dining area
  • Pool
  • Two car garage
  • Large trees
  • Privacy hedges
  • Large lawn areas

These features are fairly common among Brentwood properties, and are usually just a few of the options you’ll find available when you look for homes in the area. Homes in Brentwood also make ample use of the outdoors, with glass featured prominently to let the California sunlight in.

There are plenty of places to call home, but Brentwood is one that deserves a closer look. It offers a kind of ‘small town’ vibe combined with California luxury that few other locations can provide, and when you consider that along with the absolutely exquisite nature of the homes themselves it becomes clear why so many Hollywood celebrities and power players have decided that it’s the right community to live in. Take a look at the available listings, and you’ll probably find at least a couple that interest you as well.

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