“Happy Holidays… And I Have To Take This Call”

Malibu Real Estate Suzanne DranowChristmas is two days away and I’m busy… wrapping, baking, drinking eggnog, and showing properties.
Which one of these things doesn’t belong here? Actually, they all belong and this has been my experience for the past few years… and this season is busier than most.

When people talk about a holiday slowdown they must mean the speed of traffic in mall parking lots and not real estate, because my business has speeded up in the past week. It’s not unusual for me to put something into escrow between Christmas and New Year, and more of my out of town clients seem to be visiting on their way to points west.
Many of my clients have work schedules (or work ethics) that keep them from flying out to look at properties. Most of the time they give me a wish list of what they’re looking for and I keep an eye out for them (or more correctly an ear because more and more of these deals are off-market). 
When I find something of interest more often than not my buyers will check their calendar and say something like, “I’m back from Dubai on Wednesday, but then I have to go to Shanghai… I could possibly take a look at it in three weeks on my way down from Vancouver…” and the property showing often never makes it to the top of their to do list. 
But at Christmas time as their business slows and they get ready for their holiday vacations thoughts of gingerbreads are accompanied by thoughts of that beautiful contemporary on the sand in Malibu.  And instead of me calling them about seeing a property, I get calls asking to arrange a showing for them on their way to (fill in the blank: Hawaii, Bali, Australia, Palm Desert…).
The phone is ringing a bit more this year, partially because of the uptick in interest rates, but also because of the pent-up demand brought on by the election. Whatever their reasons, I’ve put my own travel plans on hold to be accessible for anything coming into play. 
So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year… and yes, that Malibu house is still available.

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