Just Who Is David H Murdock?

Just Who Is David H Murdock?Not only is Los Angles and California itself the location of some of the country’s most amazing properties, but it’s also the location of some of the most prestigious communities as well. However, behind any good community is often one or two men, and David H Murdock has played a significant role in a large part of California’s recent real estate history. Here at Suzanne Dranow, we think that he deserves a little bit more attention and a closer look at his history is well warranted.

Murdock wears a lot of different hats, but primarily he’s known as the Chairman and CEO of the Dole Food Company, the world’s largest producer of fresh fruit and vegetables. Along with distributing and packaging these foods, the company places particular focus on nutrition research as well as nutrition education.

That focus on improving nutrition helps highlight David Murdock’s’ commitment to philanthropy, and he continually donates considerable amounts of money to various endeavors. Most recently, he has donated time, money, and resources to causes including life extension, cancer, and nutrition awareness. In 2006, Murdock opened the California Health and Longevity Institute.

However, it’s his real estate holdings that are of particular interest, and he has focused considerable efforts towards the development of some of the country’s premier real estate communities through Castle and Cooke, Inc., a real estate development and leasing company that he serves as chairman, CEO, and president of.

Castle and Cooke is responsible for several developments around the country, but California is home to the most notable. These include:

  • Seven Oaks Residences – Located in Bakersfield, residences here border the Seven Oaks Country Club which features a 27 hole championship golf course and a wide range of home options.
  • Saddle Creek Residences – Situated in the amazing Sierra Foothills of Northern California, these homes include cottages, bungalows, and country houses that feature some of the most impressive architecture in the state.
  • Sherwood Residences – Located in Thousand Oaks, California, these residences are not only nearby to Malibu, Beverly Hills, and California, but also feature a golf course designed by legendary player Jack Nicklaus.

David H Murdock has built his life around making a difference, and that extends from his philanthropy to his devotion to creating residential communities that offer a truly unique living experience. He’s a major player in the California real estate market, and his efforts have helped his companies become major entities in their fields.

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