Los Angeles Continues To Try To Draw An NFL Team

Los Angeles Continues To Try To Draw An NFL TeamLos Angeles is one of the largest, most heavily populated, and most well-known cities in the world, not just the USA. And with good reason – it has something for everyone to enjoy, from great weather to amazing food to plenty of opportunity to encounter celebrities. It’s also been a huge sports city for decades thanks to teams like the Lakers and the Dodger. But for the last several years, football fans have been clamoring for their own NFL team – including those of us here at Suzanne Dranow.

It wasn’t once the case – Los Angeles was the home of the Raiders NFL team from 1982 through 1994, where they actually won Super Bowl XVIII in 1983. But in 1995 the team moved back to their original home of Oakland and have stayed there ever since.

In recent years, rumors have persisted that the NFL would end up placing a team in Los Angeles, and Oakland was the frontrunner due to the fact that its lease with its current stadium is about to expire. The two other teams were in a similar situation – the San Diego Chargers and the St. Louis Rams each had expiring leases for the upcoming season.

But recent statements confirmed that all three teams will be staying where they are, with no current concrete prospects for an LA team. At the moment, the NFL and the individual teams agree that this is the best call.

However, that doesn’t mean much in terms of LA never getting a team. In fact, most experts agree that soon, the NFL will be moving back into LA. There are already locations available for the creation of a stadium, and the fans within the city are certainly ready for their own team to cheer for. The demand is a key driving force, and most within the industry agree that it’s just a matter of finding the right plans and the best possible path to take at this point. After that, construction of the stadium and finalizing the details will be all that really is left to do.

Until then, Los Angeles football fans still have plenty of options available to them. San Francisco and San Diego both have tremendous teams, as well as the previously mentioned Raiders. No matter which one you want to root for, you’ll be close by some NFL action when you call the city home. And sometime in the not too distant future, there’s sure to be an official Los Angeles team to cheer for.

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