One Of The Best Vineyards In America Is In Malibu

One Of The Best Vineyards In America Is In MalibuIt’s been a long struggle, with no easy short cuts for wines from California to get noticed on the world stage, but because of the passion and fortitude of many vineyards in the state, our wines have taken their place in the greater community of wines of the world. But even with that progress, there are few wine aficionados that think “Malibu” when they talk about the great wines of California. 

But, as we’ve noted before, Elliott Dolin has changed all that.

Great wine does not need to be produced en masse. In many cases, some of the greatest wines in history have been bottled in limited numbers, and this is something that has only increased their value with the passing of years. Elliott Dolin has taken this kind of measured, personal, almost boutique approach to his own vineyard. He is one of the few pioneers to see the possibilities in Malibu, and it’s in part because of efforts like his that Malibu was awarded an American Viticultural Area rating. Simply put, Elliott Dolin is one of the early visionaries that helped the Malibu area to gain recognition as a designated wine-growing region.

It’s just one more point to add to a man with many facets. Dolin is a musician, a car collector and a real estate investor, and now, even though his vineyard may be comparatively small, he makes some of the best wine in America as defined by The Daily Meal’s top 101 list.

Dolin is now one of 50 wineries in the Malibu area that is continuing to push the growth of the industry, though the growth is unique in that it is fast, but small. Dolin, like the many other vineyards in Malibu, prefers to take a more measured approach, with smaller harvests and fewer bottles. His central coast grapes are used primarily in his main product, an earthy pinot noir, although the real star of his vineyard is the fruity chardonnay with a touch of oak.

It was in the 17th century that grapes and wine were first considered in California, by the early Spanish colonists. And it wasn’t until the 19th century that wine came to the Los Angeles area. But now, at last, Malibu is getting its officially recognized time in the sun, and Elliot Dolin and other wineries are part of that effort.

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