Pocket Listings Best Choice for the Bi-Coastal Buyer

A Look At LA's Largest HomesLos Angeles real estate is taking a cue from New York City. High end properties are all about private listings (pockets). Angelinos looking to buy high end properties in New York are often surprised to discover that there is no multiple listing service in Manhattan. New York real estate is all about relationships which is why it is important to have an agent that has solid contacts in the most desirable buildings. In Los Angeles, the growing trend for exclusive properties ($10M+) is for homes to be kept off the MLS and sold as “pocket” listings. This means that whether buying in Los Angeles or New York, knowing which agent to go to is now as important as knowing the right club and the best sushi bar. The bi coastal buyer and seller seeks to spend their time as efficiently as possible; making it crucial to work with an agent who specializes and understands the dynamics of both markets. Having lived and worked in real estate on both coasts, Suzanne Dranow has unparalleled contacts among agents in the know of the most exclusive residences in two of the most desirable cities in the country. Suzanne continues to grow her network of top tier agents, buyers, and sellers with frequent trips to Manhattan while maintaining a home base in Los Angeles. “I’m always creating and maintaining relationships with other agents,” says Dranow. “Because we work so closely together, many of my clients become my friends. For me there is a certain thrill in matching their needs with hard to find off market properties.”

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