The Best Areas In Hollywood Are For The Birds

The Best Areas In Hollywood Are For The BirdsCalifornia does not have the storied past of much older city areas in countries like England and France. There are no streets in California over 600 years old, and Hollywood itself doesn’t know a time when the train and streetlights didn’t exist.

But despite its young age, compared to other districts in other cities of the world, the affluence, style and, perhaps most important of all, the glamour of some of Hollywood’s neighborhoods has risen to a level that few places on the planet can touch. The “bird streets” of Hollywood Hills, are one example of this.

Depending on which real estate agent you talk to, and which area you’d like to live in, the location of the bird streets is flexible, and changes based on your preferences, because it’s a neighborhood almost everyone wants to live in, if they can afford it. If you like the idea of living in Beverly Hills, some will say the bird streets are part of Beverly Hills. If you prefer to think of yourself as a resident of West Hollywood, other agents will tell you the bird streets are part of that too.

These streets get their nickname as a result of the consistent naming system they received from their birth in 1920s with names like Nightingale, Oriole and of course, Blue Jay Way, which was immortalized in song by George Harrison in the Magical Mystery Tour album of 1967. The neighborhood has two chief advantages going for it; location and prestige. Its location, with easy access to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and some spectacular views of Sunset Strip, has made it one of the most desirable places to live for those that live and work in Hollywood’s most affluent industries. As a result of that, actors, producers, directors and other Hollywood “glitterati” have traditionally made their—very expensive—homes here, and the architects they have hired have created some of the most beautiful, modern homes in the world.

For decades the biggest celebrities in Hollywood have lived here, and this tradition continues today with people like Toby MacGuire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves and Jodi Foster all calling this place home at one time or another. The bird streets are not the kind of neighborhood where one can simply ring up an agent and request a home, and move in the next month. This is a prestigious area, and just having the money to own a luxury home here isn’t enough, it’s a matter of opportunity, and that can only come from trusting in experienced real estate agents in the area like

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