Beverly Hills Estate Turned Into A Farm

After failing to attract buyers, billionaire Jeff Greene has taken his Beverly Hills home off the market.

Jeff Greene is an American real estate entrepreneur, a member of the Democratic Party, and was even a candidate in the 2010 Senate election primaries in Florida. This self-made billionaire has been extremely successful in the real estate industry. Currently, Jeff Greene and his family live in their property in Palm Beach, Florida.

Jeff Greene was very motivated to sell his trophy property, but even after lowering the price by $46 million, there was sadly no buyers interested in this 25-acre estate and mega-mansion. So instead, the billionaire has decided to go a whole new route with his property. The real estate magnate has a new plan and is turning part of their property into an organic farm that will grow several different kinds of vegetables including tomatoes, corn, and onions.

Now motivated to become a billionaire farmer, Greene plans to turn at least two acres of his property into an organic farm and even sell a portion of his produce to local farmers. Greene did acknowledge that Beverly Hill land in nearby areas is currently going for $10 million or more per acre. However, he states that the property is vacant and the estate is already a working vineyard so having additional crops just makes sense. Not to mention that the area has been vacant for quite some time now.

Along with the organic garden, Greene will continue to rent the house when and if there are interested renters. He had already rented the property in August for $450,000, but that was only for a single month.

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