City of Dreams

Suzanne DranowLos Angeles is the city of dreams, which makes me wonder what some people are smoking before going to bed. 
Case in point, Bruce Makowsky’s $250,000,000 listing in Bel Air. 
In case your eyes are getting lost amongst all those zeros, that number is two hundred fifty million dollars… If the absurdity of it all hasn’t kicked in, that equals one quarter of a billion dollars. For a house.

Granted, this is one heck of a house: 38,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms… which begs an even more important question: Why do they need so many bathrooms? 
But I digress…
There’s a point where “enough” gives way to “too much,” which, with an unchecked id, can eventually become “ridiculous” — which is where we find ourselves, in this land of the $250 million dollar listing. But its time on the throne will be short lived, as another area developer is currently building a multi-mega-mansion that he plans on listing for $500 million (that’s half a billion dollars, just to be clear). 
And this being Los Angeles, I fear that a few years from now I’ll find myself with friends at Nobu, looking out at the sun setting on the ocean, wistfully pining for the quaint innocent days when a truly spectacular home could be found for only $175 million… though I still won’t understand why anyone would need so many bedrooms.

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