Eat A Hotel For A Good Cause

Eat A Hotel For A Good CauseWhile eating at a hotel is something that almost everyone has done, eating a hotel itself is a pretty novel experience. Thanks to a unique take on the traditional charity drive, Toys For Tots, an initiative undertaken by the United States Marine Corp Reserve, got a big boost of assistance last Christmas from Josh Flagg, one of the biggest real estate agents in the country.

With Flagg’s help, a fun, eccentric idea was developed where the skills of Federico Fernandez were called upon for the ultimate confectionary challenge. The chef of the famed Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills was tasked with an exact, edible recreation of the hotel he worked in, crafted entirely in chocolate, as well as creating 20 additional Gingerbread Mansions.

All this edible real estate would then be used as part of a charity drive where the lucky “real estate investors” would have an opportunity to buy desirable, luxury real estate, and then eat it as a Christmas treat. It was the best of both worlds, combining a good cause with real estate investment and an incredibly delicious treat by one of California’s top chefs.

Individual “rooms” within the edible hotel were auctioned for $550 each, while the gingerbread mansions sold for $5000 per home. When it came to the hotel itself, Fernandez didn’t skimp on the little details, even though it would have been understandable considering the very temporary nature of the work. Not only did he create a remarkable duplication of the hotel’s exterior, he even managed to include the swimming pool and littered the outside with guest vehicles adjacent to the lobby to add that extra little bit of chocolatey verisimilitude. It took weeks to make the chocolate hotel, but no effort was spared, taking the time to color the different types of chocolate, so even some of the cars sported a bright green color, as did the vegetation around the hotel, rather than just taking the easy route of a brown, monochromatic building.

It’s not often that luxury real estate becomes luxury comfort food, but when you see the end result, it’s hard not to want a little taste of it yourself.

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