Carbon Beach Offers True Malibu Luxury

Carbon Beach Offers True Malibu Luxury While California is filled with a huge assortment of neighborhoods that stand out for their luxurious homes and high-end amenities, few are as exclusive as Carbon Beach and we here at Suzanne Dranow feel that it deserves a closer look. Running from just east of Malibu pier to Carbon Canyon road and encompassing about a mile and a half of beachfront area, Carbon Beach is the highest value beach neighborhood on the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s usually called “Billionaires Beach” thanks to the fact that plenty of billionaires live within it.

There are only 70 private residences located in the area, and they line the beachfront from end to end, most of them costing several million dollars. The beach is home to numerous celebrities and Hollywood elite including:

  • Music mogul Lou Adler
  • Businessman and billionaire Eli Broad
  • David Geffen
  • TV producer Haim Saban
  • And many others

One of the most interesting things about Carbon Beach is that despite the high end homes located here, many of those homes don’t last. Properties are regularly bought for millions and then demolished to make room for newly designed homes or to combine spaces for other properties. Homes are purchased, demolished, and rebuilt to new standards, something that means that the properties here are always among the most impressive on the market at any given time.

As for the beach, it’s one of California’s more unique ones in that it has an expanse of dray land located above high tide lines and that the beach is quite wide, compared to other Malibu beaches that are rocky and feature limited sand. There are actually two small public access paths that can be used to reach the beach from the Pacific Coast Highway, but for the most part its’ the residents who have the best and fullest access to the beachfront.

Homes in Carbon Beach are designed to meet high standards of taste and style, and privacy as well as architectural features are considered along with size and other factors. In short, the homes here are every bit as stunning as the views and the beach outside their walls.

If you’re looking for an area to call home that offers the pinnacle of Malibu luxury, there are few locations that can offer the kind of homes, property, and reputation that Carbon Beach provides. It’s one area that deserves your attention when you’re ready for the best that money can buy.

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