Caruso Affiliated Highlights The Best Of LA

Caruso Affiliated Highlights The Best Of LAIt’s no secret that Los Angeles is a city of luxury. With areas like Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood all within its borders, it’s a city that is filled with some of the best luxury homes, luxury dining, and high-end shopping and entertainment venues out there. And one company that exemplifies and showcases that kind of high-end retail or mixed-use development properties is Caruso Affiliated. Here at Suzanne Dranow, we can’t help but respect the various properties that Caruso Affiliated has developed, and think that they’re worth a closer look for anyone planning a move to the region.

The company was founded by Rick Caruso in 1987, and he continues to serve as its CEO today. Over the years, the real estate development firm has turned Caruso himself into one of the richest men in the entire state, with a net worth of around $4 billion. He also works as a civic leader in the city, turning his knowledge and experience into something good for the community.

As for real estate properties that are developed by Caruso Affiliated, they aver one of the most diverse portfolios on the market. While they do handle residential destinations, their true focus is on shopping centers, entertainment venues, and various public areas like:

  • Parks
  • Fountains
  • Plazas
  • Promenades

A big part of their success is that they look outside the box and provide the things above in a manner that mixes them with shopping, dining, and entertainment. In many instances retail options are integrated as well. In short, many of Caruso Affiliated’s most respected properties mean that you could move to the development and never leave. Everything you could want will be there.

This combination of dining, shopping, entertainment, and living has been replicated in cities around the nation, but it’s here in LA that it really began to get noticed. And thanks to flashy, high-end design choices, the firm’s developments look incredible.

Not only is Caruso Affiliated a company that has helped transform LA properties into something amazing, but they’re also a prime example of what a developer with vision can do with their investments. If you want to see what true luxury real estate development is, look no further than the properties that Caruso Affiliated has been a part of.

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