Cher’s Home Highlights The California Real Estate Market

Cher's Home Highlights The California Real Estate Market Cher is much more than just a legendary entertainer. She’s also an expert when it comes to transforming luxury homes into something special. Throughout the years she has purchased and decorated mansions only to resell them later and repeat the process. Her sale of her LA condo made some waves in the real estate world recently, and her Malibu home hit the market in 2013 for $41 million dollars, helping to highlight just how impressive the California market is at the moment.

The home has a number of features, and Cher once described it as her sanctuary, fortress, and the only place she felt that she had any kind of privacy. Some of the features of the home include:

  • 13,126 total square feet of living space
  • Stone walls and floors
  • Six bedrooms
  • A stamped-copper dining-room celling
  • 1.7 acres of land
  • Stunning views of the Pacific Ocean
  • Italian Renaissance architecture
  • Infinity pool

As one would expect, Cher’s home is the epitome of what a luxury mansion in California should be – a combination of stunning elegance, refined design, and tremendous views of the scenic beauty only this state has to offer.

Another unique quality of the home is that while Cher has leaned towards a classic interior design, the style of the home lends itself to virtually any type of decorating. Owners will be able to transform it into whatever type of home they truly feel most comfortable in. This is a sign of any good California home, and buyers should always consider the inside as well as the outside of a home before they commit to purchasing it.

The home first appeared on the market for $45 million but was removed, and then listed as a pocket listing for $41 million. This type of property listing is an example of just why trusting in a realtor like Suzanne Dranow is a better option for those looking for true luxury homes. Homes like this aren’t often listed in the open market and are instead only available by those who are ‘in the know’. Finding the right home in LA means looking at everything from location to amenities to size and more, and it’s something that deserves your full attention.

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