Drones Are The Ultimate Property Cinematographer

Drones Are The Ultimate Property CinematographerWhen you talk about luxury real estate and top end marketing for these high level homes, advanced technology like drones doesn’t usually enter into the conversation. All of that is changing however, as imaginative real estate agents collaborate with talented videographers to turn aerial drones equipped with cameras into the latest, greatest promotional tool for real estate.

Hollywood In A Box

For those that are unaware, a drone is simply a consumer grade version of technology already in heavy use by the military. It is a remotely piloted device capable of flight or hovering, and while it can be used as a toy for entertainment purposes, for those with a flair for creativity, there’s surprising potential in this recent invention. Simply by equipping a quality camera to a drone with good performance capabilities, a drone becomes the ultimate Hollywood cinematographer. Expensive crane shots, smooth dollies, pans and tracks are all possible with a drone, when it used to require a massive crew of experts to set up these same shots in the 20th century.

When applied to shooting videos of a home, this gives the presentation a startling amount of cinematic polish. Most videos showing off a home won’t look down 100 feet at the property itself, showing off the pool, garden or other assets in one grand, eagle-eyed crane shot, but the use of a drone makes this easy. Most videos also won’t be able to track upwards, starting on a shot of a room that gradually rises up to take in the loft level above it in a clean, unbroken shot, but again, a drone makes this trick simplicity in itself. We’ve all seen these types of camera moves before in lavish Hollywood productions, but now they can applied to a promotional real estate video with nowhere near the same expense.

Of course, putting together a compelling piece of video content is still something of an art. So while a drone eliminates the need for the sprawling support crew of a traditional Hollywood production, it will still require a technically proficient operator, someone knowledgeable with cameras and directing photography, and a real estate professional that knows exactly which parts of the home to show off to the best effect.

With this kind of team, a luxury home goes from looking merely impressive to becoming a visual experience in and of itself with a professionally shot and edited video. It’s just one more tool in the arsenal of real estate promotion that is getting some exciting buzz as its potential has only recently been realized.

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