Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Are A Big Part Of Los Angeles

Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Are A Big Part Of Los Angeles When people hear ‘Los Angeles’, they think of a number of different things. Chief among them are certainly the high quality luxury homes that are located throughout the city. Along with being the site of tremendous luxury homes, LA is also filled with many recognizable, iconic houses that are as famous as the city itself. Here at Suzanne Dranow, we feel that some of these houses are worth more attention, and none are as deserving as Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed some of the most infamous homes and buildings in the entire country, not just the city. And many of them are easily seen from LA roads, even if they’re not always open to the public. Here’s a look at some of the most well-known houses he designed in the city.

  • Ennis House – The Ennis house is located in the Los Feliz neighborhood and is regarded as a state landmark. Its iconic textile block design gives it a truly unique look, and it recalls the Mayan buildings of Uxmal. The house is also incredibly common in films, and is most well-known for its appearance in the cult classic “Blade Runner”.
  • Freeman House – Also designed in the 20s, the Freeman house is another of the textile block houses like the Ennis House, though not as well known. Located in the Hollywood Hills, it’s currently not open to the public.
  • Hollyhock House – This was the first house Frank Lloyd Wright actually designed in the city, and was built in the early 20s. After being closed for renovations for years, it has finally reopened to the public and is one of the only residential buildings Wright designed that you can pay a visit to.
  • Anderton Court Shops – These shops aren’t often regarded as a Frank Lloyd Wright design since they’ve been reworked over the years. But they are among the only Wright designed buildings you can actually visit, so they’re worth looking into.

Wright’s influence on modern architecture simply can’t be overstated, and seeing his work in person is the best way to truly appreciate it for yourself. If you’re looking for the most iconic buildings in the state, you should certainly take some time to check out the properties listed above.

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