Frank Lloyd Wright Home Withdrawn From Auction

Frank Lloyd Wright Home Withdrawn From Auction Few architects are as well-known as Frank Lloyd Wright, and few properties are as recognizable as those he has designed. A perfect example is the George D Sturges home, designed in 1939. This property is an iconic example of Wright’s Usonian design, and was recently withdrawn from auction by the auction house.

The home is one of the most famous in all of California, and this auction listing was the first time it had been available on the market for almost 50 years. The home was last bought in 1967 by Jack Larson and James Bridges, and they immediately commissioned modern architect John Lautner to oversee the restoration of the home. This restoration started in 1970 and has been completed, restoring the entire property to its former glory in a significant way.

This auction was set to be even more than just a home auction. The auction was set to include two plots of land at 17,000 square feet and the 1,200 square foot home located in Brentwood. But there was also an auction featuring the original furnishings, fine art, and other decorative art pieces. All of these pieces had been collected by Larson and Bridges, and the proceeds were to benefit the Bridges/Larson Foundation. This art auction went on as intended, with pieces selling for more than $1 million in some cases. However, the house was taken off the auction block – at least for the moment.

The reason for the withdrawal from the auction market was simple, according to the auction house. No qualified bidder had registered in time for the auction to begin, and now it is believed that buyers need more time to consider what steps to take with such an iconic piece of history. The auction was to have happened on February 21, but now will be rescheduled to allow for another opportunity for lovers of classic homes to buy this amazing property. Here at Suzanne Dranow, we think it’s a property well worth keeping an eye on.

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