Hollywood Tower Is Being Restored

Hollywood Tower Is Being RestoredLos Angeles may not be one of the oldest cities in the world, but when it comes to classic, early 20th century architecture, there are few places more interesting and diverse. So it’s with great satisfaction that we’re seeing one of the city’s classics, the Hollywood Tower, has been purchased for renovation and restoration, as opposed to being torn down to make way for a more utilitarian condo building.

Formerly known as La Belle Tour, the building, originally constructed in 1929, has a distinctive “V” shape, with a faux French Normandy style. However, the art deco influences of the early 20th century couldn’t be denied, these were incorporated into the apartment building, which has always been a residence, but appealed largely to the Hollywood luminaries of the time. Many notable Hollywood celebrities such as Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn and Marilyn Monroe made their homes in the building, which was constructed to house both apartments and penthouses.

Over the decades, new architectural trends and new areas of development left the building a little neglected, but its distinctive style was inspiring enough that even the Disney company used it as the basis for their “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” in Disneyworld, Florida, 1994. The attraction still sports the title “Hollywood Tower” to this very day.

In 1988, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic places, sealing its place in Los Angeles architectural history as building with a definitive style as well as fixture of Hollywood lore. The building continued to remain was renovated in 2010, but now it looks set to be rejuvenated back to its former art deco glory under this new real estate deal.

At SuzanneDranow.com we couldn’t be happier about this announcement. Los Angeles buildings have made some important and original contributions to America’s architectural scene, and it’s always good to see people embrace the past, rather than erase it for cheaper, more efficient buildings. Art deco is unique style unlike any other seen before or since, and it’s good to have buildings like Hollywood Tower restored to show off what this style looks like at its best.

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