Kroenke Discusses The Future Of The Rams

Kroenke Discusses The Future Of The RamsThere’s been a surprising amount of drama and intrigue surrounding the return of the Rams football team to the city they left in 1994, but it’s now official, along with the construction of a new stadium; the Los Angeles Rams are back. And Stan Kroenke, a successful real estate tycoon and owner of other sports teams in both American and United Kingdom, has big plans for this return of the team to their hometown.

One of the things he has been admitting in interviews was just how much support he has gotten from peers in the industry, whether it is other people involved in sports, or businessmen looking at what it means for Los Angeles and the markets around it to have a sports team and stadium. Despite the seeming surprise upset behind the decision to bring the Rams back to Los Angeles, Kroenke revealed that many people, when the ambitions were revealed, were very excited about the potential behind this direction.

He was especially excited about the prospects for the new Inglewood stadium that is going to be built and become the home of the newly returned team. One of the most interesting aspects of this new development is the way it will embrace both 21st century life and the distinctiveness of Los Angeles playing host to some of the most famous sports fans in the world.

Kroenke admits they are thinking not just about mature sports fans, but a whole new generation of sports fans in “millennials” and how they acquire and interact with information in a digital context that they’ve known their whole lives. He also wants the Inglewood stadium to proudly differentiate and call attention to the famous personalities that call Los Angeles home, but love their sports, in the same way Jack Nicholson is visible at basketball games and Larry King does the same for baseball.

But as far as the uniforms for the new team goes, he’s been oblique. Kroenke acknowledges the legacy history and tradition of the Rams in Los Angeles and knows that there are certain color associations with the team. Everything else, however? That might just have more of a 21st century flair.

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