LA Is Home To Many Amazing Frank Gehry Buildings

LA Is Home To Many Amazing Frank Gehry Buildings Los Angles is known for plenty of things, but its penchant for flash and luxury are certainly high on the list. Residents here are able to enjoy many of the things that simply aren’t found anywhere else, and here at Suzanne Dranow one of our favorite aspects of the city is the huge prevalence of numerous stunning works of architecture. In particular, Los Angeles is the location of many buildings that are designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry.

Gehry’s creations are regular listed as among the most important contemporary designs of the last century, and he’s also generally cited as the single most important architect in recent memory. His phenomenal designs are unique, interesting, and instantly recognizable. If you’re in the LA area and are interested in seeing what he has created, here’s a list of some of his best-known Los Angeles buildings.

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall – Located in downtown LA, this is one of the most iconic building sin the city. With a unique exterior design that resembles the sails of a sailboat and an interior that amplifies the acoustics of performers perfectly, it led to entirely new ways of thinking about what was possible in architecture.
  • LA Children’s Museum – While it’s not really filled with the iconic flair that Gehry is known for, this 1979 building is still worth a stop to see the more traditional side of his style and sensibilities.
  • Hollywood Library – Situated near Hollywood Blvd, this library offers great views as well as an early example of what Gehry would eventually become known for, and the way it works natural sunlight into the interior design is well worth taking note of.
  • Venice Beach House – Located right by the beach, this house looks very similar to a lifeguard stand, and its views and natural beauty surrounding it are just as impressive as the unique, simplistic design of the house itself.
  • Loyola Law School – Bright colors, lots of glass, visible wood features, three stunning staircases, and the familiar steel features of classic Gehry design are all on display here, in this project that was built in the early 1980s.
  • Gehry House – Of course, no list of Gehry buildings is complete without mentioning the man’s home. The Gehry house is truly one of a kind. With steel boundaries, large glass triangles, and impressive implementation of space, light, and contours, it’s exactly the kind of house one would expect Gehry to call his own.

If you’re in the LA area, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the stunning displays of architecture that the city is known for. Among them, the Gehry-designed buildings will certainly stand out. They’re unique examples of what is possible with ingenuity and passion, and well worth checking out.

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