LA Is The Location Of Some Of California’s Greatest Homes

LA Is The Location Of Some Of California's Greatest HomesLos Angeles and all of southern California is the home of some of the country’s absolute best properties. It’s not hard to understand why so many choose to live here when you consider the weather, the attractions, and the sheer lavishness of some of the homes available on the market. At Suzanne Dranow, we love the homes here as much as well love living here. That’s why we think that taking a look at some of the LA area’s best homes is worth doing.

According to a recent survey of top architects, builders, and others in the industry, the following homes are among the best in the area.

  • Kings Road House – Located just west of Hollywood, the Rudolph Schindler house is a perfect example of groundbreaking design. It broke from the norm of what 1920s homes were supposed to be, and was designed by an associated of Frank Lloyd Wright – Schindler himself. The home was designed to erase the distinction between indoors and outdoors – something today’s designs continue to do.
  • Ennis House – No list will be complete without mentioning the Ennis House. Looking more like something from a Mayan city than Hollywood and featured in Blade Runner, this home is an elegant example of California luxury and a good example of what Frank Lloyd Wright was best at – stunning, unique designs.
  • The Eames House – Located in the Pacific Palisades, this design may look boxy and odd but it’s continually listed as one of the most influential in the nation. It was built from ‘off the shelf’ components with the intention of packing similar homes in a ‘kit’, and was a case study home in 1959 when it was constructed. It served as a precursor to today’s prefab home industry, but the inside is truly stunning.
  • The Stahl House – Also known as Case Study House 22, this home is located in the Hollywood Hills and is one of the most famous homes in all of California. The reason? It’s made almost entirely of glass and steel and almost seems to dangle off a cliff. Stunning views only help to exemplify the legendary status of this home.

These are just a few examples of California’s greatest homes. There are plenty more out there, and there’s even a good chance that one of the best homes in the state is available for sale and could be yours.

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