Life In Bel Air Can Be Truly Incredible

Life In Bel Air Can Be Truly IncredibleFew places in the country are as well-known as Los Angeles. In fact, aside from New York it’s one of the very few cities that is filled with many smaller areas that are just as famous as it is as a whole. For instance, LA is where you’ll find Hollywood, Malibu, Venice, and Beverly Hills – each of which is famous in its own right. Another location here is Bel Air, and it’s a place that is well worth considering calling home if you want to live in the true lap of luxury. Here at Suzanne Dranow we know that making a move can be tricky, and one thing that can help you do so with confidence is knowing more about what an area has to offer.

So, with that in mind, here’s a quick look at just some of the various places you’ll become familiar with when you call Bel Air home.

  • The Bel-Air Country Club – This exclusive club isn’t easy to join, but it’s worth it for the famous 18 hole golf course and the host of other amenities that members have access to.
  • Getty Center – This organization is one of the most well-known art centers in the nation and also features stunning views and architecture. It’s worth a visit at least several times a year.
  • Hannah Carter Japanese Garden – This unique, Kyoto-inspired garden is beautiful and well known. It’s also worth a visit if you want some peace and quiet.
  • Wolfgang Puck – This celebrity chef-owned restaurant is worth checking out if you’re a fan, but even if you’re not familiar with the name the food will impress you.
  • Westwood Village – This is a small college town that offers plenty of movie theaters, restaurants, boutiques, and more – all in one place. And after dark, it turns into a great upscale party location.
  • Brentwood Village – This area offers boutique shops, upscale shopping, high-end dining, and even has a farmer’s market.
  • Will Rogers Park – Will Rogers State Historic Park offers lots of hiking that delivers stunning views and amazing peace and quiet.

Simply put, whether you want food, shopping, or some fun out on the town, the Bel Air area has it all. And thanks to its centralized location in the heart of LA, you’ll also be close to everything else that the City of Angels has to offer residents.

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