Life In Brentwood Offers Something For Everyone

Life In Brentwood Offers Something For EveryoneAll of California is well-known for its combination of activities, gorgeous weather, great natural beauty, and even for its plethora of famous people. Luxury homes are everywhere here, and so are properties that will impress even the most jaded of real estate shoppers. One area that is worth considering buying a home in is that of Brentwood, and while it’s not always the first place people look, here at Suzanne Dranow we’ve seen firsthand just how much it has to offer residents.

If you’re not sure just what you’ll find in Brentwood beyond beautiful scenic beauty and great weather, here’s a look at some of the various treats residents enjoy regularly.

  • Round Valley Regional Preserve – For hikers and nature lovers, few places in the area can compare to the views and the serenity that will be found in this large reserve.
  • Hannah Nicole Vineyards – California is famous for its wine, and Brentwood’s most well-known vineyards offer great bottles of some of the best wine in the state. There are also other vineyards to choose form including Bloomfield and Tamayo Family Vineyards
  • Streets Of Brentwood – For a movie that will amaze you, check out the iMAX theater that is part of the 14 screen movie theatre located in this facility.
  • Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex – If you actually end up buying a home without a pool, there are plenty of options out there including this family-friendly option.
  • Diamond Hills Sports Club and Spa – Actually located in Oakley, this facility is close enough to make the list and offers a great opportunity to enjoy tennis throughout the year.
  • Dining – Like most places in California, Brentwood is filled with a huge assortment of restaurants for you to enjoy. From Thai cuisine to upscale steakhouses to corner bars, no matter what it is that your taste buds are craving you’ll find an option somewhere nearby.

Along with the options above, the city is home to more than 50 public park for you to head out and enjoy yourself in. Whether you’re a single person or a family, you’ll find that there really is always something to see and do in Brentwood. And its excellent location means that you’ll be able to check out nearby cities as well. Simply put, it’s a location that’s well worth paying attention to when you want to get the most from life in California.

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