Los Angeles Is Filled With Homes As Famous As The City Itself

Los Angeles Is Filled With Homes As Famous As The City Itself There’s no denying that a huge part of the allure of Los Angeles is the fact that more celebrities call the city home than any other location in the country – even New York. And while there’s a good chance that living here means you’ll encounter those celebrities, we here at Suzanne Dranow have found that the numerous famous homes in the city are just as big of a draw.

In fact, thanks to the proximity to the movie industry, Los Angeles is home to some of the most iconic and recognizable houses in history. And from time to time, some of them even go on sale. Here’s a quick glance at just some of the homes you’ll see regularly when you live here.

  • The Arnold House – Seen in the classic TV series “The Wonder Years”, this home is located in Burbank and is lived in to this day.
  • Trey Styles’ House – The film Boyz N the Hood is a gritty classic, and you can see the home of the main character by visiting Chesterfield Square.
  • Jack Horner’s House – Boogie Nights is one of the most legendary films of the nineties, and this West Covina home was a major player in the film. It’s a private residence, but can be seen from the road.
  • Greystone Mansion – Featured in everything from Murder She Wrote to There Will Be Blood, this house has been featured in more than 65 films and numerous TV shows. It’s located in Beverly Hills and is a true icon of the city’s movie industry.
  • Ennis House – Not all famous homes are famous just for their use in films. The works of Frank Lloyd Wright are famous for their impact in the architectural world. The Ennis House is a double-whammy – it’s a Frank Lloyd Wright design that is also featured in numerous films – including the legendary sci-fi epic Blade Runner. It’s currently undergoing a major renovation.

Being able to see these iconic homes regularly is like being surrounded by pop culture history, and it’s a major draw for those who are looking for a great place to live. Combine the fact that LA is also host to some of the best shopping and dining in the country as well as plenty of entertainment venues and major attractions, and it becomes clear just why living here is something that you need to give some consideration to. It offers a lot to love.

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