Malibu Vineyard Makes Top 101 List

Malibu Vineyard Makes Top 101 ListIt’s with a fair amount of local pride that congratulates Elliott Dolin on his vineyard entering into the list of top 101 best wineries in America. The competition, as always, is fierce, it’s no small accomplishment to be recognized for this kind of achievement, and we wish Mr. Dolin all the best.

The vineyard, named Dolin Malibu Estate Vineyards, has been getting notices first from the local, then national press of the wine world since 2012. The vineyard specializes in pinot noir, although a rosé version is also made, as well as a chardonnay. It’s not a large vineyard, but Dolin has been especially diligent about ensuring the quality makes up for the lack of volume. The soil itself has the good fortune of containing volcanic basalt, which has helped with the wine’s distinctive taste. Mr. Dolin is also meticulous about caring for the grapes, ensuring the water levels aren’t too low or too high, and diligently checking for mildew, vinegar flies, or any of the other dangers that can threaten the grapes as they crow. Elliott Dolin is very thorough when it comes to understanding his land, and if there’s one thing he excels at, it’s getting the most out of real estate.

That’s because Elliott Dolin is not just the owner of a vineyard, he’s been a musician, but his primary occupation these days is real estate, particularly commercial. His penchant for building things from the ground up for his vineyard probably comes from his work ethic, since he doesn’t just sell property, he also sometimes finds new applications for it, such as when he took a vacant Gap warehouse and renovated it until it met the needs of FedEx, who were looking for a new distribution center.

Dolin’s not just interested in wine and real estate, his passion extends to cars as well. He’s the proud owner of a 1953 Siata 208S Spider Motto roadster, of which only 35 were made. When he’s not driving his classic cars, he’s taking them into shows and entering them into contests.

So congratulations to Elliott Dolin for adding even more character and prestige to the Malibu area. It was already a place that was highly desirable as a place to live, but thanks to Dolin’s efforts, residents now don’t have to look very far to enjoy one of the top bottles of wine in America today. It’s a real accomplishment, and brings a lot of local pride to this corner of California.

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