Montecito Is Where The Celebrities Live

Montecito Is Where The Celebrities LiveWhen you ask most people their thoughts on California and the LA area in particular, you’ll likely receive plenty of responses that mention the high number of celebrities who live here. Suzanne Dranow has seen our fair share of celebrity homes, and we know firsthand that certain areas are more densely populated with celebrities than others. Among the various communities that are popular with the rich and famous, Montecito is certainly among the biggest.

Montecito has a rich history, and much of it is very interesting. While it was first settled by the Chumash Indians, it was the 19th century that began to see the most development. However, the region was fraught with bandits who preyed on the traffic between the coastal towns in the region. By the 1870s, the bandits were gone and Italian settlers began to move to the area.

Today, Montecito is filled with celebrities who enjoy the relative privacy the community offers combined with the fairly close proximity to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Malibu. Thanks to this, property values here are high and the wealthy and famous are the only ones who can afford to call the region home.

So just who lives here? The most famous resident is certainly Oprah Winfrey, who lives on a sprawling 42 acre estate known as “The Promised Land”. It’s valued at more than $88 million, and is so decadent that the groundskeeper has developed a species of rose unique only to the property. Along with Winfrey, numerous other celebrities call or have called the area home including:

  • Jason Bateman
  • John Travolta
  • Tom Cruise
  • Michael Douglas
  • Troy Aikman
  • Bruce Willis
  • Owen Wilson
  • Jeff bridges
  • Rob Lowe

One thing worth noting about Montecito is that many of the properties that are for sale here aren’t actually listed on the open markets. It will take a keen ear and connections to find out which homes are actually available. If you’re looking for a home that will put you firmly in the lap of California luxury as well as letting you call some of the country’s best-known celebrities your neighbors, Montecito is the one community that deserves closer attention. From stunning views to amazing architecture and lavish amenities, it has everything you would expect from California living.

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