The Rams Return

The Rams ReturnAfter over 20 years without a professional football team, Los Angeles is set to enjoy its return to the National Football League and the team that is coming is none other than the original Rams, who left the city in 1994 to represent St. Louis. Now they’re back.

It’s been a harrowing ride for everyone in many different areas. For sports fans eager to have a home team to root for, this has been a long day coming, but even in the business and real estate sectors, there were was a lot of drama and internal struggle going on behind the scenes before this announcement finally resolved things.

A Tale Of Two Stadiums

With the arrival of the Rams comes the creation of a new stadium, so it’s obvious there was more than just civic Los Angeles pride at work here. There were a lot of calculations and risk assessments going on in the background to determine the commercial viability of having a team back in Los Angeles. Between the NFL itself toying with the idea of Los Angeles playing host to two teams, and different groups trying to decide where the final destination would be for a big money maker like a home team’s sporting venue, it was obvious that there were some big financial decisions that needed to be made.

Now we have the construction of the Los Angeles Entertainment Center in Inglewood, which is a multi-year project slated for completion in 2019. This is the final answer to the question of a stadium in Los Angeles, putting to rest the original “Carson Stadium” proposal that would have been built in Carson City and play host to both the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders, who are now going to have to try and find their own venues.

While the announcement of the Rams returning to Los Angeles is a big relief to local fans, it seems clear that there was a business war being conducted between the politics of the NFL and business people looking at the financial and real estate ramifications of how new teams and stadiums would affect the area. Many industry insiders are still surprised at this turn of events and need to reassess and revise strategies to cope with this new development.

Whatever happens though, one thing is clear. Los Angeles has a football team again, and welcomes them home, and is looking forward to seeing what they can do.

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