The Strangest And Most Unique Attractions In LA

The Strangest And Most Unique Attractions In LAFor most, life in and around Los Angeles California means enjoying all of the luxury dining and shopping in the area as well as being able to relax in their home. But sometimes, you might want to break out of routine and see something strange or unique. Luckily, you don’t have to go far since LA is home to a tremendous number of odd, unique attractions that are well worth checking out. Here at Suzanne Dranow, we have a few of our favorites that we feel stand out. If you’re ready to see a different side of LA, look no further.

  • Screen Novelties – Stopping by this animation studio is a great way to see how old-school movie magic was created and how the animators are keeping it alive. You’ll see props, puppets, and much more.
  • The Tesla Coil – Plenty of people are familiar with what a Tesla Coil is. Plenty have seen them in films. But have you had the opportunity to see one in person? You can, just by visiting this one which is located at Griffith Observatory.
  • Disney’s Carolwood Barn – This was Walt Disney’s private station house and served as his ‘man cave’. Now, it’s a museum that showcases the location of where so much magic was born.
  • Los Feliz Murder Mansion – This mansion was the site of a double murder/suicide in the 60s, and it’s remained untouched since that day. The mansion itself displays classic LA style, but the dark past makes it much stranger than that.
  • The El Segundo Butterfly Preserve – Once a thriving town but now abandoned, this preserve is a refuge for the beautiful blue butterfly and is filled with the wondrous creatures.
  • The Space Shuttle Endeavour – Head to the California Science Center to see the massive space shuttle that was retired after 19 years in service and 25 flights to space. It’s a major part of American and scientific history, and seeing it highlights just how huge it really is.

As you can see, heading out to enjoy LA can mean much more than just heading to high-end shops or fine dining establishments. There’s much more to the city than many realize, and once you live here you’ll have plenty of time to get out and experience it all for yourself.

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