Forget Beverly & Rodeo: Canon Is Power

Beverly Hills And Pacific Palisades Still Remain Southern California’s Hottest Luxury MarketsTalk to out of owners and people who are “not in the know” about where to be seen for lunch, and they’ll point you to Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard. But those who know that knowledge is power know that the truly powerful can be found dining on Canon Drive.
A recent article in “The Hollywood Reporter” drives this home, pointing out that Spago, The Palm, La Scala, Wally’s Wine Bar, and Sugarfish (to name a few) make their homes on Beverly Hills’ Canon Drive. Sure, Robertson has The Ivy, Rodeo has Boulevard and Sunset Plaza has a host of restaurants, but for pure “per capita gravitas,” the influencers are those lunching on Canon.

Walk by a place like Il Pastaio on a pleasant day and you’re sure to see TV and film execs lunching with stars (and their agents and managers).  Look even more closely and you’ll see top real estate agents breaking bread with the land owners and developers who are the ones shaping the Los Angeles landscape.
Canon wasn’t always the hot spot for fine dining that it is today. In the 1950s the main “sight” was the Post Office (now the Wallis Annenberg Theater), which was also a stop on the old Santa Monica Redcar line. Because the rents were much less expensive than those on Beverly Drive, restaurants, stores and even real estate offices snatched up space that was close to the the center of Beverly Hills. Always a home to very good eateries, the landscape changed in 1997 when Spago left it’s Sunset Blvd perch to alight at its present location giving Canon a bit more notoriety.
That Canon is the place to go for power lunches in Beverly Hills is not up for debate, but what is up for debate is how the street name should be pronounced. These days the nearly universal pronunciation is the same as “cannon,” but on a moonlit night when the air is still, if you listen closely you can hear a small whisper pronouncing  the tilde that still shows up on official street signs: Cañon.

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