New Soho House’s Malibu Location Adds Even More Exclusivity

Suzanne_Dranow_MalibuAbove a certain price point, Malibu seems like a very exclusive club.  That exclusivity just got a boost with the opening of the new Soho House on Billionaire’s Beach.  Already the playground of titans of their industries, stature is more often than not measured in beachfront footage than the size of one’s wallet.  Now add Soho House’s new membership policy which, unlike other locations, requires new member applicants to state a worthy connect to Malibu in order to gain access.  As if living in Malibu weren’t enough, this “location specific” membership policy raises the bar to yet another level of exclusivity.

If you are not already a Soho House member, entry requires two letters of recommendation from current members, along with an extensive application and interview process.  (It’s also said that certain industries face a quota making many individuals ineligible for membership.)  As to what constitutes “a connection to Malibu”, potential members may wish to polish up their essay writing skills which they haven’t used since applying to college.

Of course, the easiest way to create said connection is to buy a property in Malibu–  Soho membership not guaranteed.

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