Richard Landry Has Built A Reputation For Incredible Homes

Richard Landry Has Built A Reputation For Incredible HomesThere are numerous architects who simply stand out for their excellent attention to unique details, interesting designs, and more. Richard Landry is one of those, and here at Suzanne Dranow we feel that he deserves a closer look – especially when you’re considering investing in a home that will impress you, your friends, and your families.

Landry was born in Quebec to a carpenter and moved to Montreal at twenty years old to study architecture. He currently holds a license for architecture in several states including North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, and Washington. But his most impressive homes in our opinion are located in California, and the combination of the state’s pristine views and his high-end designs has led to the creation of some of the country’s best homes.

The Landry Design Group was founded in 1987 and since then Richard Landry has personally designed more than 500 private residences.
Many of these designs were for celebrities including:

  • Rod Stewart
  • Kenny G
  • Michael Bolton
  • Wayne Gretzky

In fact, the mansion where Michael Jackson died was designed by Landry and is located in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. It’s just one of numerous homes that Landry created in and around the Los Angeles area. Other examples of his work include:

  • The Villa del Lago – Located in Malibu, this 23000 square foot mansion was chosen as the Ultimate Home by Robb Report in 2013 and features stunning views as well as amazing architecture.
  • The Bacharach Home – First owned by Burt Bacharach, this LA home featured footbridges between buildings of the compound, with a 28 bedroom mansion as its centerpiece.

Landry continues to gain numerous accolades, and for four consecutive years homes from the Landry Design Group were chosen as Robb Report’s Ultimate Home prize, including the previously mentioned Villa del Lago. He’s been featured in the AD100 list four times in the 2000s alone, and has won numerous additional awards throughout his career.

Simply put, Landry is one of the world’s leading home designers and his designs stand out as something special. If you’re in the market for a luxury home in the LA area, looking at Landry Design Group homes will ensure that you get something you’ll love and that will stand out to anyone who sees it. They’re true works of art, inside and out.

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