What Is California Luxury?

What Is California Luxury?California is known for plenty of things – its beautiful beaches, its high population of celebrities, and its world-class resorts, for example. But for those deciding to live in the state, it’s known for something else: luxury. California luxury is in a whole other dimension than the rest of the country, and while it means different things to different people we here at Suzanne Dranow have seen that there are several common threads that help define it.

Buying a luxury home here is the key to capturing that luxury, and here’s a look at just some of the elements that come together to create it.

  • Location – No matter where in the LA area you choose to live, there are plenty of great things nearby to enjoy. Whether you’re in Malibu, Beverly Hills, or the Hollywood Hills, you’re always close to amazing shopping, incredible cuisine, and some of the most tremendous views in the world. Simply put, a home here already has a leg up on homes elsewhere thanks to its location.
  • Amenities – California luxury homes offer so many amenities that it’s impossible to list them all here. Swimming pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, hardwood floors, home theaters, and wine cellars are just a few examples, but no matter what your idea of the perfect home includes you’ll find one that has it – and then some.
  • Perfect Designs – A great home design means more than just striking an impressive figure outside. Interior design elements like open floor plans and the use of glass to incorporate the inside of the home with the outside can help you enjoy your home more, and these design elements are what set California luxury homes apart from your average home elsewhere. The California landscape is as much a part of your home as the floor or ceiling.
  • Exterior Features – Outside your home should be just as impressive and enjoyable as the inside, and from views to tennis courts to manicured lawns to privacy hedges, it’s important that you find the right kind of exterior features if you want to get the most from California luxury.

Luxury means something different to each person you ask, but as far as a home goes you’ll notice that the elements above are the most ones that make the biggest impression on a homeowner’s ability to enjoy their property. Once you experience California luxury living, you’ll never want to live anywhere else on the planet.

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